Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Well, I've been through a couple of cycles of chemo and I had a CAT scan last week. The good news is I'm still here. The scan showed that the lesions in my liver are still the same and haven't changed. The mass in my lungs had gotten smaller. The lymph node was half it's previous size. And the lesion in my brain had gotten smaller. I'm starting on a new cycle of chemo next week.

I got a call from the doctor and they want me to have a procedure with a cyber knife. I have to have an MRI and CAT scan this week because they want to do the procedure sometime next week and it's a 3 day process. What it actually does is pinpoint the lesion in my brain and they shoot concentrated radioactivity into the lesion from different angles.

I have a lot of shaking in my arms and sometimes in my legs and the doctors feels this will help with those problems.

I have no prognosis. My doctor's not into that. So I guess I'm here til God says otherwise.

The good news also is that I've lost 30 pounds and am looking pretty damn fine...if ya like bald women. LOL

I want to thank you all again for your prayers and support. I am keeping the faith in knowing that God will take care of me.